Free Apple Watch

Free Apple Watch

In fact, if you ‘watch’ this ‘apple’ every day for just around two minutes, you will find that it makes time for you.

This ‘apple watch’ is a simple video that takes you into a light meditative state, with your eyes open but defocussed, where all you do is stare at an apple.
The benefits of regular meditation are now accepted by the medical and scientific communities. Not only does meditation reduce stress and lower blood pressure, it also promotes vitality, longevity and creativity.
 “It is thought that every minute we spend in meditation gets added to our lives. If true, it’s simply madness not to meditate,” says Evans.
Tom was introduced to meditation in his mid-40’s. He was a bit stressed out with work and someone suggested that he would benefit from meditation. His original reaction was twofold.
Firstly, that he was a busy guy and it was a waste of time so he couldn’t possibly fit it into his busy schedule.
Secondly, there would be no way he could make his over-active mind go quiet.
He did however find someone who taught him some simple ways to quieten what he’s since learned is referred to as the ‘Monkey Mind’.
These days he meditates daily as he found that on days when he didn’t, he had a worse day.
What he learned too is that there is no mystique to meditation and no need to spend five years in an Ashram or sitting cross-legged in a cave chanting “Ommm”.
Meditation is also a state that is both natural and beneficial and something we do all the time. We flip in and out of the meditative state many times an hour but are not usually aware we have done so.
All that we do by consciously choosing to take 10 minutes or so of Me Time in the meditative state is to enhance and amplify its benefits.
We can also enter the meditative state with our eyes open. When we do this, it opens us up to all sorts of practical applications for meditation.

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